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Example of possible return on investment *

Let's say your monthly subscription is $90 / month.

Thanks to your RX or Elite subscription, you will publish your WODs every day on your website. In parallel, your package includes SEO, that is to say that your website is optimized for ranking in search engines. The search engines will therefore reference you better and you will get more visitors. Once on your site, the design of it is made 100% to make visitors want to register for a free class using the most effective web design and web marketing techniques. This is how you can achieve the goals I talk about below!

If your website brings you ONLY 2 more members per month:

 Sales Figures Subscription RXSites Return On Investment
Based on two subscriptions earned per month over 12 months:Accumulation of the RX subscription at $147 / month over 12 months + creation costs for the 1st year:
1st year14 040 €-2 154 €=11 886 €
soit 451 %
2nd year31 968 €-1 764 €=30 204 €
En gardant 80% des adhérents acquis l’année précédentesoit 1 612 %

Each year your return on investment increases!

* This calculation is of course hypothetical but shows you the potential that you can expect from your website. And this, with only 2 members earned per month, which is a reasonable goal!

Knowing that over time, your website will rank better and better and that with an RX package you will have produced more and more interesting content that will make visitors all the more want to come for a trial class in your box.

This allows you to see what goals we can set ourselves so that your box is proactive in winning over new members!

How to start with RXSites?

Focus solely on your core business!

Get new members every month

Grâce au web design et marketing RXSites, convertissez vos visiteurs en séances d’essai. Ensuite, la balle est dans votre camp 😉

Create a community around your website

Offer online resources and services that make life easier for your members and make a difference with the nearby boxes.

Focus on your core business

A website takes time to manage and maintain, that's why I take care of everything!

CrossFit Aslak RM chose RXSites

« Virginie was able to develop my ideas, by making suggestions that I would not have thought of. Very attentive, responsive and available, she, very important to me, met the deadlines announced.

The design brought to my website and its functionalities correspond completely to what I expected from a web developer, which allowed me to generate more traffic and traction with my future prospects.

Virginie is again very reactive on maintenance, I have only one sentence to say to you, do not hesitate, I have full trust in her. »

Olivier – Owner CrossFit Aslak RM


Site internet CrossFit Aslak RM
Site internet CrossFit Aslak RM